Health Benefits Of Folic Acid for Health

Health Benefits Of Folic Acid – Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that can be instrumental in helping your body produce and maintain new cells, and can help prevent changes in DNA that can lead to cancer. Not only that, it turns out that folic acid has a range of other benefits. Then what are the benefits of folic acid for health? Following his review.

9 Health Benefits Of Folic Acid for Healthy Human Body

1. Prevent Anemia

The benefits of folic acid which is the first function in forming red blood cells. If folic acid in the body is not would be sure, then the production of red blood cells will always be below normal, which can then trigger the onset of the disease anemia.

2. Manufacture and repair of DNA

Folic acid cooperated with vitamin B12 and vitamin C to help the body in breaking down, use, as well as forming new proteins. This protein compounds will help the formation of red blood cells and produce DNA. In addition to producing, folic acid also has an important role in repairing DNA and RNA.

3. Maintaining Heart Health

Folic acid can also help the heart to stay healthy and able to function optimally. Where a shortage of folate can cause an increased risk of coronary heart disease, complications, and stroke. In addition, folate can also help eliminate toxic compounds, namely homocysteine which can cause damage to the arteries.

4. Improve Memory and Concentration

Folic acid turns out can serve as a memory Enhancer. Often have easily forgotten is a sign that there is an interruption in the flow of oxygen and flow of red blood cells to the brain. This can be overcome by resorting to the way You get enough folic acid intake.

5. Reduce Depression

There are the findings of a study that States that people who lack folic acid will be prone to depression. Not only that, the study also States that got enough folic acid intake it turns can be used to tackle depression in humans.

6. Removing the Toxins from the Body

Folic acid is consumed by the body can function as a medium of detox. As you know that detoxification is the process of removing or reducing the levels of toxins in the body. That way, the body will be healthier.

7. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

A study conducted in California showed that men who had at least 400 mcg of folic acid in the body can significantly prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This is because folic acid can function in preventing brain damage and brain defects, such as brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Prevent Osteoporosis

The benefits of folic acid for the next health can be useful to prevent bone porous (osteoporosis). Not only that, folic acid is also capable of lowering the levels of the homocysteine in the body as a cause of the onset of the disease osteoporosis.

9. Good for Pregnant Women

Lack of folic acid intake during pregnancy can lead to disorders in the development of the spinal cord. Where this can lead to paralysis, brain damage until the miscarriage on the fetus was conceived. Therefore, it meets the needs of the body will of course folic acid is very important for pregnant women.

Such a health article about the various Health Benefits Of Folic Acid for health. May be beneficial to add to your knowledge of living a healthier life.

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